Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This Or That.

Not that it should be interesting at all but I'm still having trouble coming up with much to say on this here blog device. I think things are going to be changing around here as a result of how much I don't give a shit about anything anymore.

Also, if you're on the fence about whether or not to read my shit, just go ahead and jump all the way over to one side or the other. I'm not saying that out of resentment. I get bogged down with so many things that I feel I just have to do or read or watch or whatever that it gets strangely high pressure in my head at times. That's when I have to remind myself to start asking the question, "Do I really need this in my life, will this really add something to my life or bring me something I need?" and I ask this in regards to everything, every single thing. If the answer is "no" then I drop it, but I have to actively run that question through my mind so I feel sure enough to close the door on some plan or idea. There's so much shit out there in life that is available to us, you definitely have to set limits.

Lately I've been thinking about polarity a lot. Polarity, in the sense I've been thinking about it, refers to the number 2 and how one thing is opposite one other thing. Most prominent in my mind lately is how people often use polarity in their arguments as a way to craft bias and always come out as the winner. (Obviously, who starts arguments/debates that they want to lose?)

There's too many assholes out there saying, "This doesn't work so we should obviously do That," like it's not even an option to either fix "This" or maybe consider a third option. Here are some examples that are applicable to our current times.

Republican or Democrat? My verdict, they both suck, give me more fucking options that may not suck.

Cut Spending or Raise Taxes? Well this one is deliciously multi-faceted. Yes or No on cutting government spending? Yes or No on raising taxes, what taxes, whose taxes, which taxes, how much? etc, etc.

Depending on which manipulative asshole you are currently listening to you will hear different things come out of their hate holes. Let me just say that I'm done with hearing elected politicians use the words, "The American people," as a stepping off point for their comments because I seriously doubt that any one person anywhere can tell anyone else what the collected group of humans called, "The American People," want, think, know, or feel.
Americans: we just want a shady place to put our chairs.
It doesn't get much more bull-shitty than something like this, "The American people know that raising taxes is a job killer, that's just not how we're going to kick-start this economy."

NO. The American people do not know that. I'm willing to bet the American people are pretty dumb, after all look at all the criminally stupid people who are in charge of shit. Congratulations on making me hate you Mr./Mrs. Legislator and now I will never listen to you again with any hopes of anything other than pretty sounding cat shit falling out of your mouth. Listening to politicians talk is like listening to the poetry of white, middle-class, high school girls. It's boring, inoffensive, passionless, and trite. Stay tuned in the coming weeks when I reveal why I've actually heard any poetry by anyone.

I wish I cared enough to carry on with this but I don't. I wanted to say something about this because I really hope that the polarity argument doesn't work on anyone. I really hope the most people are intelligent enough to look into things closer and ask more questions. Unfortunately, Americans love activities that cause brain damage. Things like football and getting punched in the head by a half naked man, so I'm not very hopeful about this being a reality.
"I wanted a public option, assface."
Just be careful when a politician is trying to steer you in this direction-"Government is bad so we need less of it." They fucking work in government and I'm very sure they want to keep working in government because working in government as a senator or a representative means two things: 1)you are wealthy, and 2)you don't have to do anything at your alleged "job," just smile for the cameras and spout the bullshit your dialogue coach highlighted for you.



  1. Doo wop tooty fruity wham bam slam-o-rama is the Tao of movers and the shakers. Stand back and watch their wakey bakey smack down on lawn chair crowd who eat it up like so much fried goober peas. Tasty! Disgusting! It don't matter since the sun still spins around the galaxy orbiting the center and nothing is very much fun any way.

  2. WTF was that gibberish?
    Good blog entry though.

  3. I've been having trouble commenting on my own blog recently. Oh well, story of my life, right?

    Well Ron, I don't remember what genius thing I wrote the first time I tried to reply to you, but I don't know the reason for all of these comments left by Anonymous. They are all difficult to understand so I've deduced that they are either from a crazy person, a brilliant person, or a spammer robot with an English dictionary.