Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Doctor, Schmoctor

Oh and I want add this, (for some unknown reason, but I must), I am in a much better mood. I read some Doug Stanhope and listened to some comedy podcasts and that always makes me feel better. I recommend the Comedy and Everything Else podcast by Jimmy Dore. They interviewed Brian Regan on Episode 39 and Bryan talks about going up to do comedy for the first time and totally forgetting everything he had planned to say, so he just talked about that for five minutes. He just talked about forgetting his first five minute act and what an idiot he felt like, and it did great and he couldn't believe it. He's one of the funniest stand ups in the world today. Fuck.



  1. Doug Stanhope is one of my favorite comics. Along with Dave Atell, Louis CK, Jim Norton and the late Greg Giraldo.
    Doug has some interesting thoughts. Ex: Governments involvement in gay marriage as well as any marriage, etc.

  2. If you like Doug so much why don't you marry him?

    Check his website for the Sausage Army football jerseys, I'm thinking about getting one. Also, save the date, November 10th, 2011, not because it's my birthday but because it's Douglas Sirloin Stanhope live in OKC.