Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes You Should Quit.

That's what they never tell you. Well. ...The good ones will but it doesn't matter because you probably won't listen. You'll let hope and friends and sports on TV encourage you to push on when you should just hang it up and move on to other shit.
Teachers, coaches, parents, and other self-serving authority figures only tell you to quit the obvious villainous ventures or vices; drugs, alcohol, stealing, bad facial hair choices. Rarely will they have the guts to tell you that you should quit other bad behaviors that aren't bad by definition but they are clearly just bad for you because you are who you are. Huh?

Let me make that clear-er for you simply because I need to clarify that last sentence to myself a little bit more. Long ago someone should have told me to quit wearing tight-ass Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots just to try and prove to myself and others that I was the person I knew I was but didn't think others would notice without me helping them out. I didn't actually like dressing that way. I really thought that by wearing the clothes of a modern day hick I would have bestowed on myself some mystical powers that only came with being raised in the "country" and having to get up early to do chores, (which I definitely didn't do), and that people would be aware of my down-home sincerity and classic American work ethic. I knew it then and I know it now that it would have been much easier to just tell people who I was and what I believed in during a conversation, you know, like a real person would.
Not my actual ass, but a close facsimile.
Also, I wish someone would have told me to quit going to dance clubs when I was in college. I didn't dance and I was afraid to even talk to myself, so a deafeningly loud dance club full of drunk, superficial idiots is not the place for a short, insecure, plain looking introvert who enjoys standing in corners with his arms crossed. I could have saved a lot of fucking money. Instead I just wasted huge chunks of my life doing something I hated because I was too lazy or scared to look for better options. I can try to pretend that there was nothing else to do but the reality was that I wasn't looking to strike out completely on my own yet so I thought that following was the best option, dumb. Where was the kindly old science teacher to tell me, "Hey, quit trying to be in with the cool kids, you aren't cool, go be your own thing, whatever that is."
Did you ever do shit back in the day that was for "them" not you?
Trying to go out and socialize, in general, is not something you would think a person should be told to "quit" doing, but in my case I think it's the right thing to do. Generally speaking, there is a whole bunch of stuff that people will never tell you to quit doing and it all seems to be because misery loves company and if someone else is betraying their true self by acting, talking, dressing, dancing, singing, synchronized ice-skating in a way that they absolutely shouldn't then they probably won't tell you to quit doing the same kind of shit.
Hey if this is you, fine with me, own it and nothing more than ball busting will be heard from me, but do this because everybody else is doing it and I'm gonna tell you to quit, ....for your own fucking dignity.
Lots of people settle in life. I've never met anyone who was loud and proud about it, and I've never met anybody that would own up to it either. Too many people think that settling for a life you don't want is the predetermined reality for 99% of humanity so just tighten up and get ready for the sadness and self-loathing. Only a few "blessed" souls get to live life being who they want to be and the rest of us have to compromise, big time. But the world is safe and comfortable when you settle, you'll never be alone that's for sure, lots of company in the middle.
I realize all my pics in this post have been superficial fashion thingies, but its not about the acid washed jorts. It's all about why you chose to put them on in the first place.
You'll also never fully realize your potential. If you refuse to cave in to societal pressure and go on your own path you run the risk of wandering off in the dark all alone. After many years of just dabbling with following the herd or settling for the comforts of mainstream anonymity in very minor ways I am glad to be totally out of it for more than a few years now. Unfortunately for me, I did wander out in the darkness and I have found myself alone out there. I try hard to keep the idea in my mind that I haven't simply walked away from the wrong kinds of people for me, but there is hope that I may run into my kind of people one of these days.

Shit I hope so, no one should force themselves to wear tight pants when they don't really want to, especially Wranglers.


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