Friday, July 22, 2011

Siloam Springs, AR: Part II

I know I posted up my entire Siloam Springs photo album yesterday, but I'm tired and I need more time to write up the world saving blog updates that I am bumping until next week. That's right, on Monday I will start fixing this country one blog post at a time, but for now it's pictures of ducks and stuff.

Just imagine you've been riding a bike in very hot, hot, heat and you desperately need a break from all the sweating and chafing and struggling against your stupid, slow, fat genes, and nothing looks better than water. Water in any form is the most fascinating and delicious element you can think of, and so it was in this state that I found myself when I stumbled into the Municipal Park of Siloam Springs and the cool waters of Sager Creek. Siloam Springs also has an interurban trail system that may just be the best one I've ever seen in my life. I've got a lot of experience with interurban trail systems because my hometown of Bartlesville had one from before I was born so my entire life growing up I had the opportunity to walk, run, and bike all over the Pathfinder Parkway. The trail in Siloam Springs is named the "Dogwood Springs" trail, I'm assuming this is due to all of the dogwood trees along the trail, and it must be either fairly new or very well maintained because it was perfect. Every foot of it was perfect. Sadly, my hometown Pathfinder Parkway has been re-routed due to over development, destroyed by erosion in areas, and poorly maintained as a whole, but don't get the wrong idea that it is not usable; it's just that I think it could be treated better and look nicer as a result. I could go on and on about the trail but I'll probably just take some pictures of it and use that to better explain it's condition in the future.

Here's some pictures of the stuff I found most interesting along the Dogwood Springs trail.

After 600 miles I just wanted to dive in.

All of the springs I saw in town had dried up, so no more magical healing waters I guess, bummer.
This plant life says, "Fuck your wall, man."
Old water towers look far cooler than newer water towers. This looks like it's straight out of a science fiction book to me, newer water towers look like water towers, it's fucking boring enough already why not make it look like something else. When I was a kid I'd see water towers off in the distance and imagine a giant was golfing and the water towers were a teed up golf ball.
Help me identify these ugly ass ducks with the oogly boogly head bump thingys.
Tastes good too. I recommend it for drinking, just don't think about those ducks, or my feet.
Horrible, sweaty, ugly monster rising up from the decrepit bowels of the dried up natural spring fed bath. I THINK HE'S ATTACKING, I SEE TEETH. 

Have a weekend, I won't put any pressure on you as to whether it's great or good or not or whatever, just have a weekend.



  1. Oh, those ducks are soooo creepy! There is a pic of me at about age 7 circa 1992 freaking out flapping my arms because the mutant geese were HISSING at me! Siloam Springs is beautiful, though.

  2. I tried to kiss a snapping turtle when I was a kid. It treated my roughly but I survived, a better man. SS is a place I'll definitely go back to, thanks for reading.