Thursday, July 28, 2011

In The Future We'll All Be Our Own Pets.

Do you ever wonder what the future will be like? The future gets brought up in very interesting situations these days. No longer do I hear science fiction authors tell me about the amazing technology that we'll all be living with and how it will change our lives for the better, but rather I hear just about everybody talking about the future in terms of, "50 years from now, looking back, what will we think about ourselves and what we were doing as a society and how we thought about certain things now?"
Sounds to me like a bunch of fancy pants ass blowers are worried about their legacy. "Will people 300 years from now think I'm cool?" I think it's good however, maybe this is how we are reviving our lost conscience and perhaps this kind of thinking will encourage humans to be more human, you know what I mean, Vern?
Comedian Jim Varney.
I don't think such fancy things very often. I'm usually thinking along the lines of, "Why are fart sounds so fucking funny, it doesn't make any sense but it's amazing. The genesis of all humor is fart sounds and stuff about shit, shitting, and shitty smells."
Nice jar.
I really believe that too. I think people get too dramatic and serious about the universe, the Earth, and life. They want to look into the void and find the reason for all of it, but just like this one smart guy said one time, "When you look into the void, the void looks into you." I think that was Steven Wright. Not sure but, fuck it who cares. When people get all super serious about life and start saying to you, "Just look at them mountains, man. It took millions of years for the Earth to form those mountains from the movement of the tectonic plates, man, and...." And then someone farts really loud and everyone laughs because who gives a shit about millions of years and why are we here and just think about how big the universe is, man, and there are all these other places, man, and I wonder if somebody that is trillions of light years away from us right now is looking up at the stars and thinking....................FART.



  1. This explains why the universe smells the way it does. Thank you, Keith.

  2. Funny, interesting or cool is kind of limiting.

  3. thanks for reading, maybe I'm back on a roll, or something. gotta go, the fucking library is closing.