Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Got It.

It finally dawned on me last night why I can't get the funny wheels moving when I try to come up with something to write about everyday. I am way too serious. I've been watching all this "news" on the television, mostly about the, now world famous, debt ceiling negotiations. It gets me thinking in a way that is too engaged in the day to day bullshit of our elected rascals.

They're greasy as all hell, fuck 'em. I don't trust anybody and I definitely don't trust people who have been elected to anything. They're crooks. How is this not obvious to everyone? Maybe it is and I'm just being a condescending asshole by assuming that most people "don't get it," but there's an awful lot of honkies out there, followin' the fucking rules everyday. I followed the rules for a long time back when I was too scared to do otherwise. Also, I had to acknowledge the fact that, crooks or not, I had debts to pay and I had to finish what I had started.

Now that I have paid all my debts and finished all of the things I started; I can get down to the non-serious business of living my life according to my own principles and values. This means that from now on I will be doing a whole lot of nothing. Oh sure, I'll do the required eating and sleeping, probably double up on the sleeping a lot to be honest with you, but other than that I'm not shooting for the stars.

People are way too worried about being prolific these days. My life is not a trophy case and I don't want to show my medals to anyone. I just want to eat and sleep and hang out with people that don't bug the shit out of me but rather make me say to myself really boring shit like, "he's a cool dude, I like talking to him, we should hang out more."

Hah! Fucking debt ceiling, "you almost got me TV news stations."


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