Friday, July 8, 2011

Go Tell It On The Mountain

I've caved in to my own desires or maybe this is just my idea for what is the best thing to write about, but I've decided to go back in time and recap some of the days from my trip. By far the most difficult day I have had riding so far was the day where I didn't even ride 25 miles. Back on June 2nd I wrote that I was leaving on the final leg of my journey from Mobile, AL that would take me to the actual festival site for Wakarusa. The distance traveled was only 20.3 miles, but the elevation change according to my GPS was over 1000 feet in that distance and the temperature was over 90. The cumulative elevation gain was 1795 feet and with me weighing over 220lbs I assume and the loaded up bike weighing in at around 100lbs this was one of the hardest things I've ever pushed myself through in my life.
People in Arkansas are too nuts about Harleys. This was the maid's cart at the Ozark Inn.
This was in the parking lot as I rode out for the day. Yessir, that's a tree that nearly sliced that Dodge Ram in half. Tornadoes, no Bullshit from Mother Nature.
It was nice to have some fans cheering me on though, as I got closer and closer to the festival site I was passed by more and more people going up the mountain to Wakarusa and most of them would yell out encouraging words to me. I checked into work with no problems and then had to ride up a big gravel/dirt hill to get back on the roadway and continue on the 3 final miles to get to the festival site. I was taking a break in a pull-out when a car pulled over and a guy got out and said out loud to no one in particular, "All the way from Flagstaff, AZ, I can't believe I'm here." I thought for just a moment to myself, "How did he know I came from Flagstaff, must have seen the big FLG sticker on my helmet," but then I just snapped out of my anti-social auto-pilot that I often find myself in and asked him if HE came from Flagstaff. I was not expecting him to say yes but it turned out that he had hitchhiked to Arkansas from Flagstaff. He said he was a cook at Altitudes and he hadn't had any time off work in a while so he just up and decided to tell his boss he was taking a long weekend off. That's pretty cool to me, but when I told him how I got to be there he was equally impressed. What a coincidence that we would meet like that on the side of the road.

Approximately halfway to my goal I did get a brief respite from the sun and the climbing where I found myself coasting rapidly down the roadway completely engulfed in a tunnel of green foliage. I must have coasted at over 20mph for over 2 miles. It seemed almost like a video game and while it was impossible to photograph at the time I do wish I could have shown someone what that little part of my ride looked like. It was like having the forest turn the air conditioning on for a few minutes and telling me to put my feet up for a sec. 

Here's the map from the ride that I uploaded to the MapMyRIDE page for this little segment of my trip.

It was great to finally get to the festival site because it finally felt like I had gotten somewhere with all of the riding. As I've already stated, I didn't stay at Wakarusa very long but I did ride there all the way from Mobile, AL which was well over 600 miles total. While I didn't enjoy the music festival very much I really did have a good time riding my bike all that way. I'm sure I will go on many more long trips like this one, but in the future I will leave out the bullshit.



  1. Keith, glad you are safe. I was sort of worried when you didn't post for so long. Keep up your ranting and raving. This world needs more like you.

  2. it's good to be back to slapping my dick on everything, thanks for reading.