Friday, May 13, 2011

This Blog Is Coming From Inside The House!!!

It's Friday the 13th and blogger has thrown away one of my weekly updates. I feel like I've been violated. Everybody else' blogs are back to normal, why does my brilliant parenting advice post get trashed never to return? Bullshit, Google is discriminating against me and my anti-child stance so I am re-posting Wednesday's update and the update I put together yesterday was finally posted today but it still carries yesterday's date. Go ahead and read it now if you haven't, From The Hopper: Part IV: Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale.

It's taken me so long to get everything put back together I don't even really have any idea of what to post for you tonight. Oh shit, this update is going to be a mess. I'm drinking some beer from Oak Creek Brewing in Sedona right now. I'm enjoying the shit out of some Hefeweizen.

I am setting up a tumblr page because everybody is doing it. Actually I don't know if that is true, but I just realized that I have been spending lots of time looking at people's tumblr pages and I liked the way many of them have been using that blogging platform as a way to just post pictures only, or pictures with very few words. I use too many words and not enough pictures, but that's only because I think you all are stupid and need it all spelled out for you in 1500 words or so. Naawwwwhh. I'm kiddin'. You all are all right I guess.

Fuck it. I'm goin' with straight up YouTube videos for the rest of this motherfucker. I have to finish my sixer before I head downtown to watch comedy at The Green Room. If you're in Flagstaff, head down for The Comedy Connection show put on by my buddie Jamie Anderson of

Oh, I just realized something, I got an amazing package today. I ordered a CD from a guy in Italy through the great website I've had great experiences with ordering music from people in the Mediterranean so far. I got a GWAR LP from a guy in Greece, it was Hell-O and very hard to find in America with the full page lyrics sheet.
I used to study this while I was in confirmation class, take that Lutheran church!
I just got this compilation CD in that has a great cover song I've been trying to get my hands on for years; it's a cover version of the song Chevy Van, originally sung by Sammy Johns. I love that song and the Sammy version is fucking beautiful, but this cover by Fu Manchu is just choking, man. After listening to it you'll think you've been laid, it's that amazing. Have you ever heard of the band Fu Manchu? If not, check them out, they are fucking great, here's the track from YouTube.

I finally got this track on my own CD and I'm pumped because it sounds so fucking great to finally be able to fucking blast this thing on high volume. Just check out this heavy duty packing job this dude did for me.
Greetings from Italy.
That's some tape.
Check out the layers!!!

It's badass and I forgot it came with this huge 192 page booklet! I'm so fucking riled over this I cant stand it. Just read the lyrics to Chevy Van, they're awesome and they only get awesom-er when delivered with the power of FU-FUCKING-MAN-CHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll read this on the crapper.
Here's an old picture of me with a fu-manchu moustache, enjoy the weekend you degenerates.


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