Friday, May 6, 2011

I Wrecked Myself Today & It's Not Over Yet.

What a great day its been so far, I went on my longest bike ride so far so you know I'm gonna brag about it. I have lots of new readers now, and many of them are far more experienced and serious about cycling than I am so they will find this real "cute" I am sure. Here's the data from my ride today, 2hrs 25minutes, average speed 10.2mph, 24.72 miles. I hit a maximum speed of 28.5mph, fuckin' A that's sweet.
Stupid nature, you think you're so hot.
I'm tellin' ya, I feel pretty zapped but after lying down in the cool air of my room for about an hour I feel a little more energized. I hope to make it up to the Y to lift weights. It's lower body day so all I know is this is going to fucking hurt. My legs, back, and ass are already killing me but I'm gonna double dip anyway because I like pain.
I'm goin' in there, but deep inside is this woman.............
Not my max, no sir, if there is one thing I can legitimately brag about its my squat max.
After that I'm gonna clean up and get respectable so I don't repel too many people when I go downtown to Flagstaff Bicycle Revolution to hang out for awhile. They say they have a coffee bar down there now, and they have beer, and they have bikes, and they have music, and they have an author signing books, ........what the fuck? What else do they have? Free tattoos, clowns on peyote, and girls bouncing on trampolines? Shhhhh. I don't want to give any suggestions because if they had those last two things I mentioned then they would have to change their name to "Everything Keith Likes" and that is a horrible name for anything, especially a bike shop.
I'm really excited to get my hands on this book and the author will be there to sign so that's cool. His name is Dan Cavallari and while I've never met him before I've known about his book for awhile so it's cool he's going to be here locally to sign. As a writer/person-that-is-seeking-publication I respect anyone who can see a project through to the end and bring it to the people.
Hopefully, this dude won't show up, he does cocaine.
All righty righty, I gotta go, gotta go split my quads in half with squats and then drink beer. Get pumped.


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