Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Un-Named" Keith Earickson Summer Tour Is Now Named.

Reckless & Neck-less Summer Tour 2011
Anyone interested in a tour shirt?
Brought to you by Funyuns, Faygo, and Fuglies.
Fuel for the ride.
If you're scared, go to church?
Jesus Christ, do you know how many nachos are gonna be eaten? It'll be disgusting. Forget about it. Bow to your sensei.
I gotta get some of those pants.
With all of the delays building the bike it doesn't look like I'll be riding out to Alabama but I am still not sure on that. In all likelihood I will be disassembling, packing, and stowing the bike on a Greyhound Bus and heading out of Flagstaff around 5/16 or 5/17 to head to Mobile, AL. I will ride to Gulf Shores from there and check into a hotel or figure out some kind of housing situation. The Hangout Festival runs 5/20-5/22. Here are some of the artist's I'm most excited to see.
Umphrey's McGee
Railroad Earth
And from my homeland of Oklahom, The Mother-Fucking Flaming Lips!!!
From Gulf Shores I will be riding the bike back west towards Oklahoma and I'll probably stop in the Lake Texoma area to visit friends there and maybe get a chance to rest for a day. By 5/26 or 5/27 I should be in my hometown of Bartlesville, OK to visit family before heading out towards northern Arkansas to work at Wakarusa starting 6/2 and that festival will be over 6/5.
Alleged Texoma catfish.
I hope to hitch a ride with some other workers at Wakarusa and that will take me over to Tennessee to work at the big, bad, Bonnaroo that runs from 6/9-6/12. Bonnaroo is so full of shit I want to see what good would it do to get started talking about that. But Henry Rollins is gonna be there. Eugene Mirman too.
At that time all of the summer music festival fun will be over and done and I will probably ride back to Oklahoma and fart around for awhile, visiting friends, and then I'll start riding back to Flagstaff around 6/22 or somewhere in that neighborhood. As you can see I am not yet solid on any of the travel plans, but I am for sure working those festivals on those dates. I don't yet know if I'm a pre or post fest worker for any of them, but this will all be ironed out soon enough.

No one has yet volunteered to be a roadie for me, but I know you are just waiting for me to finalize plans. Sure, I hear ya. What do I need a roadie for? Because it's cool, that's why, you'll get to use gaffer's tape on stuff and I'll yell at you. There may be a t-shirt in it for you and think of all the "road stories" you'll have.

Aaaahhmm, I feel like having a corndog so I'm riding up to the store to see what they got, and I'll probably get some beers too. I should get my headset and bottom bracket in tomorrow so I can finally finish the Surly LHT and start training for long miles. This pleases me. 



  1. Dude I like your blog alot. I would like to buy a tour t-shirt and am excited to see your new rig when you get it all assembled. peace

  2. The bike will be done tomorrow. I can't wait. t-shirt you say? Fuck, I got to get to work. Thanks for reading.