Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did Everyone Have a Happy Easter, I Didn't.

Forgive me for my absence yesterday and my tardiness today; I am wallowing in a cotton candy cloud full of pizza and too much sleep. The Surly LHT is not finished. This is pissing me the fuck off and I am blaming it for my bad decisions in life, all of them. Shit, there's no one here to stop me so why not? On Saturday I went part hunting to find down-tube cable stops in Flagstaff but I struck out completely. The LBS's say they can order it for me. I CAN FUCKING ORDER IT FOR ME.
"There, done. DADDDDYYY, come check my work!!!"
So now I get to wait a week and continue to ride The Green Bitch everyday, (unless it totally falls apart before then, which may happen, my beach cruiser creaks and rattles more than a prostitute's bed), and avoid looking at the once beautiful black bike in the front room that is un-shift-able at this point. That's the only thing keeping me from completing the bike, cable stops.

I bought a clamp on set of down-tube shifters at a LBS that had integrated cable stops and even though this clamp was for a 1" tube I figured I'd give it a shot. I took the shifters off and just used the clamp with the stops so I could hopefully ride this fucking thing for once, and I'd just order some Shimano bolt on cable stops later.

I found a long enough bolt to make the clamp actually clamp and I had some spare rubber tubing shims to protect the paint from the metal clamp so I figured I was good to go. I was nearly done with getting the derailleur's adjusted correctly when I realized why it was going so slowly for me. The clamp had failed to clamp and it had slid down the tube towards the bottom bracket very slowly and this is why I kept magically finding too much slack in my cables. Also, the clamp had slid off the rubber shim and gouged the paint all the way down to the metal. FUCKING BRILLIANT. I don't mind scratches, but I haven't even ridden this bike yet and it looks like a cracked out beaver tried to chew the down-tube in half. I could have cared less if I'd have scratched it from my inaugural SPD mishap, but NO, this came from me being an impatient idiot, fuck me I was pissed.

So I did the only thing I could think to do, I threw all hope out the fucking window, broke a few things, sulked around for a bit, and then rode my shitty beach cruiser up to Little Caesar's for some solace in a box. You see, I am a fat little boy, and stuffing my face is the only thing that makes me feel better. It doesn't make me feel happy, just better, and at exactly the point when I am done eating I feel like shit.
Fuck 'em, Yeah.
I didn't go totally overboard with the pizza but I came close and the next day I got up at 1200. Great. What to do now, OH, why not sleep in 'til 1400 and then have some more pizza, YEAHH-BOOO. So the only correct thing to do on Monday is to have more pizza, go to bed early and then get up on Tuesday at around 1600. Sound Good? Nope. You're right, I had better go get more pizza. I go to bed at about midnight every night so in the past three days I have consumed 5 pizzas on my own and I've slept 42 hours. No wonder I have nothing and I'll be dead soon.

Well, I have to get back to eating pizza and waiting for tiny $20 pieces of metal to show up at my door later this week so I can finish this stupid bike.

I have nothing more.



  1. Don't beat yourself up over it. I taught myself how to build bikes and made a lot of mistakes in the process. Tools were thrown, deities were cursed, and insults were leveled at myself, but once the smoke cleared there was always a lesson that was learned (usually in the form of what not to do). Take solace in the fact that you're attempting something most people would just pay to have done instead of actually gaining any practical knowledge/useable skills.

    Also, I think the Little Ceasars ad is deceptive. I highly doubt there is even one sprig of fresh basil in that establishment.

  2. Ehh, I'm over it I think. I'm just anxious as all hell to ride that fucking bike. I've never had a nice bike before. I've owned two bikes in my life and their combined cost is less than what I spent on brakes for this new piece.