Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weekly Space Driftin' Update 12/26/10

What a busy week it was for me. I will have to get more organized in the future if I expect to be able to blog about my weekly creative activities with any accuracy. This week was art week but because I am addicted to reading it was actually a 50/50 reading/art week.

You all probably have much better things to do than read about my week full of watching strange B-movies that hold some kind of "holiday" meaning to me. I did spend plenty of time practicing my illustration skills, and I identified even more areas of weakness. I have known for a long time that I can't draw hands for shit, so I need to keep working on that. I think the biggest progress I have made when it comes to drawing is figuring out my own style. If there is one thing I know for sure it's that if you compare yourself to others when it comes to doing things like drawing, playing music, or doing just about anything creative, you will come out disappointed in yourself. I used to waste a lot of time comparing myself to others and it did nothing but frustrate me into quitting.

I use the model put forth by other people's work as inspiration that will be able to challenge me to work harder and become more skilled in my preferred disciplines, but if I let those models become overwhelming to me then I will get discouraged in my efforts. I guess it's all of the time I am spending doodling and drawing and practicing different techniques that has allowed me to recognize my own illustrative style. I could just copy the styles of other artists, but like I just mentioned, I usually get discouraged by going down that path because I can't do what someone else does as good as them. I am staring to get the feel for what I am going to be good at, so I am spending more time focusing on sharpening my drawings in that direction.

Due to my laptop getting a new hard drive this week I haven't got my hardware synced up so I can post some scans of my drawings yet but I will have that up and running ASAP. I enjoyed the weather of Flagstaff this week very much as I walked and biked around town. I had plenty of snow to play in, but there were also a few days of mid-50's warmth and sunshine. The trails around town are starting to stay sloppy however, so that's no good and it means I have to stay on the paved pathways until I get a mountain bike. My cruiser is not a very good trail bike, but it is better than one would expect.

I'm not into the holidays very much myself. Holidays are just days to me, but the stores are closed on holidays, which sucks, and I have nowhere to go and people watch as a result. I don't directly socialize with other people. I don't actually talk to people very much, and I don't have any what you would call friends in Flagstaff. However, I do go out and participate with the townspeople in day to day life. I just don't get close to anyone because I don't find being close to people very appealing most of the time. Not to sound like a dick, but I just don't like what I see and hear most of the time. I already feel like I have enough friends and I have a good family so I am not shopping for new people. Unfortunately I live nowhere near any of my friends and family so I spend nearly all of my time alone. I think this bums them out more than me, but I can't be near them because it would interfere with me getting anything done. All of the things that I feel passionately drawn to in life are solitary endeavors; writing, drawing, reading, either listening to music or trying to play it. I'm sure some asshole will disagree with me but for me those are solitary endeavors.

As much as I don't care about the holidays I do like New Years because it carries with it a sense of progress. 2010 was a hard year for me. Lots of action and lots of change. I liked most of it but it was tiresome. Hopefully 2011 will have just as much action and I will be better prepared to handle it this time because I had a lot of fun in 2010.



  1. Ha! Well, then I am an admitted asshole - wish you weren't such a loner :( Bums me out indeedy. Hope to see you soon. Love you! (B-movies...Santa's Sleigh?? :))

  2. I know what you mean. Very often I just prefer sitting at the kitchen table and reading the NY Times. Sometimes social interactions seem to revovle around crass pop culture references that bore and depress me.