Monday, April 22, 2013

I Am The Gouddha.

Well, I'm a workin' man now, that's my fucking excuse for abandoning my blog for months at a time. Nice, right? I was so excited about the new direction I was gonna take Space Driftin' and then I just lost all ability to produce any posts. I'm gonna have to re-train all my blog muscles, they've atrophied and it's gonna be a long road back. Don't be surprised if my posting rate never tops more than once a week though, someone has to clean the port-a-shitters in southeastern Oklahoma. If not me, Who?

Anyway, on to the update.

I thought I was The Gouddha, (pronounced Goooo-duh), but lately it has been proven to me that I am still developing towards being The Gouddha and I am still very much Keith Earickson.

It must have been the long term unemployment. Yeah, that was it for sure. I got soft and thought I was enlightened, but you can't know you've achieved a higher level if you are not being tested by the swords and hammers brought upon a person by the daily bullshit of life. Only through the discovery test of dealing with that bullshit will you know if you have truly ascended.

As of today I have not been employed for six months and already there has been two distinct times I nearly lost my fucking mind. Clearly, I am still in need of training.

Should I back up? Yes, yes, I should.

"What is The Gouddha?"

I think what you mean to ask is, "Who is The Gouddha?"

Well, I thought I was The Gouddha but as I said earlier, I am still developing towards full Gouddha'ness.

The Gouddha is similar to the Buddha but there are several key differences between the two, firstly and most importantly, I am not now nor will I ever be the Buddha. The Gouddha is me and I am The Gouddha, but I have to work harder on myself to fully bloom into 100% The Gouddha.

Got it?

Good. I knew I was making it clear.

If you'll notice the name, Gouddha, is very similar to the awesome cheese "Gouda" which is named after a Dutch city. Cheese is a food product that is made through a process and is generally aged and develops distinct characteristics based on ingredients, processing methods, and maturation techniques.

I'm whitish yellow in color, like cheese. I contain lots of fat, like cheese, and I seem to get better with age, like some cheese, so you can see why I chose The Gouddha as my name for myself once I reach enlightenment. Unlike cheese I will never reach maturation nor will I ever stop reaching for the next step. I do hope to someday reach enlightenment, but my process will not stop there or anywhere.

That is what sets The Gouddha apart from it's cultured milky inspiration. You could say I was created by the combining of two ingredients, one each from my mother and father, but that would be incorrect because it would ignore all of the other ingredients that have been added to my being throughout my entire life. I am ever growing and always adding new ingredients and the process by which I am reaching maturation and aging is always evolving as well.

I am becoming more of The Gouddha with each passing day.

One day I will tell you all about The Temple of Yul.

Until then.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This Whip Is Unkind.

Because I'm committed to recommitting to this blog I have to get back on schedule with my updates. It's late on a Tuesday and I've been busy all day. I've been filling out job applications or I've been wasting time reading articles on the internet, but I've been busy all the same. The second round of the presidential debates were tonight? Did you watch/listen? Did the debates fill you with hope or depress you? I just laughed at how childish it all sounded. Fuck these suits.

I've applied for half a dozen jobs now. I've given 3 interviews and been rejected by one employer. This all wears me down and it is no fun. Thankfully, I have good friends and the job leads keep coming in and I keep chasing them down. I'm getting faster at this bullshit as the days go on.

I predict that I will have a job before this month is over and that scares me mildly. Not for any good reason. I'm just scared to give up my free time. I love my free time and the only thing besides money that makes me the least bit eager to give up my free time is my realization that I waste most of my free time on pointless bullshit. I'm ready to find a job or jobs and complete the final step. Once I have a job/jobs that covers my monthly expenses I can then say that I am a fully self supporting, debt free human living on Planet Earth. After that it's all cake.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Call Me Snake.

I'm not dead yet and I know I need to continue on with my "blog" project here at Space Driftin' because I, and we, are not there yet. "There" being a relative term used to describe a place that is not "here," at least not right now. So where are we going, Keith?

I moved away from Flagstaff. Right now I am living in relative comfort in the city of Durant, in the state of Oklahoma. I say relative comfort because in the time I've been here, about two months now, I have been quietly FREAKING OUT about money and how I'm gonna get enough to keep living the way I'm living. I am not living high on the hog, there are no gold plated toilets or diamond encrusted door-knockers around here, so any subtraction from my current standard of living would be putting me back down into my former standard of living, which could have been politely described as "Squalor-Lite."

You should know, "you" being an identifier for YOU, the person reading this right now, which is interesting because as I write this I am reading this so I am referring to myself as "you," in a way; but I digress, you should know that this latest absence has been a painful absence for me. I have thought about my little Space Driftin' blog almost daily, but I have not been able to devote any sacred energies towards writing and publishing any words on her pages. It seems that I left this all hanging in the breeze back on the final day of July, and as soon as I hit the "Publish" button I probably commenced to packing all my shit in crates and stuffing it in a moving truck.

Once I arrived in Oklahoma the unpacking began and the settling into a new home in an old place began. There have been some high times, some low times, and lots of general frenzy and feelings of wonder. Wonder about the future, next week, next month, next decade. I feel like a newborn baby, somewhat premature. Will I make it? Will I thrive or will I wither here in the place where I first learned to be my own person? It's too soon to tell, but I'm back on here for your amusement, or not.

It would be nice to hear from YOU, the reader, every once in a while. I look at the "stats" on this blog, (sometimes too much I'd say), and I am amazed, "Wow, a fuckload of people read that update, or it just looks that way because these numbers are just pageloads and nobody read anything, in fact, there may not be any actual bodies involved. These could all be google-spiders."

So maybe leave a comment every now and then, if you read this stuff, which I would assume means that you care on some level or find it interesting in some way. 

From now on, my input here on Space Driftin' will be entirely different from what I've done in the past. This may not seem so to the reader but it feels so to me, the writer. There will be no trying any more. I'm too tired for trying.


ps. I have a note I wrote myself here to "insert Sarah Silverman quote about being embarrassed by your old work" but I didn't include any links to where I would find that quote. What do I think that I am capable of? OH, I'll just remember the quote in it's entirety or I'll remember where I read it because Sarah Silverman has only given a few interviews, it should be easy to find. I'm stupid. All the quote said was that she thought it was good to be embarrassed of your old work because it probably meant  that you were getting better. I get embarrassed by some of the old Space Driftin' stuff, not that I'd ever take it down, so maybe I'm getting better. At what I don't know.